Reading – Book in a Box

Year 6 have shown amazing initiative and used their love of reading whole books to create these magnificent ‘Book in a Box” dioramas that bring their favourite texts alive.

Reading – Oranges in No Man’s Land

Year 6 have started reading Oranges in No Man’s Land by Elizabeth Laird. We have been focusing on answering retrieval and inference questions this week.

Writing – Parliamentary Debate

During Parliament week this year, Year 6 learnt about democracy and the importance of voting. We had great class discussions and debates and completed double page spreads to show what we have learnt.

Science – Living Things and their Habitat
Science – Sorting into categories
Science – The Heart

Year 6 combine Design Technology and Science to build a labelled three dimensional model of the human heart.

Geography – How rivers are formed.
History – Mayan Civilisation

This term Year 6 are learning about a non European society – the Mayan civilisation. We have built a glossary of vocabulary that we will be using throughout the unit and used our mathematical skills of co-ordinates to locate key areas that were important to this ancient civilisation.

Art – Primary and Secondary Colours
Art – Still Life – Cezanne
Design Technology – Building Bridges

Our Design and /technology lessons this term involved recognising the similarities and differences between beam, truss and arch bridges. We investigated different features before designing, constructing and evaluating our own bridges.

R.E – Sikhism
Italian – Likes and dislikes
Italian – Word Matching Games
Climate Change with Patrick Bamford