Reading – Book in a Box

Year 6 have shown amazing initiative and used their love of reading whole books to create these magnificent ‘Book in a Box” dioramas that bring their favourite texts alive.

Reading – Oranges in No Man’s Land

Year 6 have started reading Oranges in No Man’s Land by Elizabeth Laird. We have been focusing on answering retrieval and inference questions this week.

Writing – Parliamentary Debate

During Parliament week this year, Year 6 learnt about democracy and the importance of voting. We had great class discussions and debates and completed double page spreads to show what we have learnt.

Writing – World War 2
Science – Living Things and their Habitat
Science – Sorting into categories
Science – The Heart

Year 6 combine Design Technology and Science to build a labelled three dimensional model of the human heart.

Science – Light Vocabulary

Year 6 have been learning new vocabulary for their light topic in science today. They have been building their own glossaries and using the new vocabulary in group discussions. 

Science Day – Meeting science authors
Geography – How rivers are formed.
History – Mayan Civilisation

This term Year 6 are learning about a non European society – the Mayan civilisation. We have built a glossary of vocabulary that we will be using throughout the unit and used our mathematical skills of co-ordinates to locate key areas that were important to this ancient civilisation.

Year 6 – World War 2
Art – Primary and Secondary Colours
Art – Still Life – Cezanne
Art – Composition

Year 6 spent a lesson learning about composition and arranging objects to create a digital canvas. Following on from this, they then took their first steps in making careful observations to sketch their digital photos, building on the skills they have learned this year.

Our Design and /technology lessons this term involved recognising the similarities and differences between beam, truss and arch bridges. We investigated different features before designing, constructing and evaluating our own bridges.

Design Technology – Building Bridges
R.E – Sikhism
R.E – Rites of Passage
Computing – Big Data
Italian – Word Matching Games
PSHE – Dreams and Goals
Climate Change with Patrick Bamford