Maths – Place Value

Year 3 used Numicon and Diennes in September to partition 2 and 3 digit numbers. They quickly became familiar with the terms tens and units and were able to say how many tens and how many units in any two digit number.

Maths – Fractions

In October Year 3 used counters, cubes and plastic animals to find and show fractions of numbers. This helped them to a fraction a being part of a number or set.

History – Timelines

During the first Autumn Term Year 3 placed important historical events in order. They discussed how much time had passed between these events and compared the length of these times to events in their own lives.

History – Comparing different historical periods

Whilst learning about the Victorians Year 3 found out what it was like to go to school during the Victorian era and how children used chalkboards and discipline was often harsh and unkind.

History – Egyptians – Making Papyrus