You Said We Did

Parent / Carers....... You Said ... We Did

You asked for half termly newsletters to inform you of what the children are doing in school and to give additional information for parents/carers.
We produce a half termly newsletter called the “Park View Post” focusing on what the children have done in the previous half term. The newsletter also has additional information such as safeguarding advice, behaviour updates and attendance percentages and information. There is also a section on future events including dates of school visits and holidays.    

Pupils - You said… We did

You asked for a variety of after school clubs for all age ranges.

We have numerous after school clubs for all pupils running throughout the year, including multisports, tag rugby and gymnastics.
You asked for new breaktime equipment to make break more fun.

We spent £500 on new equipment chosen by our Pupil Voice Council. This included pedalos, space hoppers and juggling balls.