Reading Matters

At Park View we believe that children who enjoy reading achieve more highly right across the curriculum. Developing a love of reading is one of the most effective ways we can raise attainment. Success in reading not only improves our national test results in all areas but it also sets children up as readers for life, with all the accompanying benefits that follow.

We develop children’s love of reading through organising units of lessons around motivating books and texts. The texts might be a story, a play or poem, or non-fiction article, for example a newspaper excerpt or report. These provides opportunities for learning and reinforcing:

  • Spoken language through participating in discussions about books, learning from both specific language modelled by the teacher and also that of their peers
  • Word reading – as children encounter unfamiliar words grammar and punctuation – through seeing them in context and considering how they are employed for effect
  • Comprehension – through listening to, reading, and discussing challenging texts 
    vocabulary and spelling – by encountering new language 

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