Teaching and Learning

We have a strong emphasis on teaching core skills, especially reading, writing and maths.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Any pupil who falls behind in the core skills may be assessed as having a special educational need and is given extra support through targeted interventions such as Reading Recovery, the Nurture Programme or Better Reading. This is classed as ‘school action pupils’. Pupils who have more complex SEN fall into the ‘school action plus’ category, where school seeks support and advice from other agencies such as speech therapy, health care, behaviour support from the educational psychologists team or social services. Any pupil with a SEN statement receives more intensive support. At all stages of SEN, parents and carers are fully involved in shaping individualised provision.

Teaching of reading

Our strategy for the teaching of reading incorporates the daily teaching of systematic phonics in Key Stage 1 in addition to the daily class teaching of reading. This is supplemented by interventions for pupils not making expected progress such as Reading Recovery and Better Reading.

Pupils in Key Stage 2 who may have missed systematic phonics teaching are immediately assessed and taught catch up phonics daily in small groups.

Our Reading scheme follows the PM benchmark colour book bands, which staff regularly assess pupils against on an ongoing basis. Books at the colour band level of the child are sent home daily. As well as this, children can take a free choice library book home. Studies show that children who read regularly at primary school age achieve highly in secondary school. We believe every child can achieve highly and we provide our pupils with a great variety of high quality reading books which inspire a love of reading.

Language skills

Underpinning our curriculum is clear and explicit teaching of language skills. Lessons have a strong emphasis on oracy and listening, with all staff well trained to provide good role models. We believe that our pupils need to be able to communicate well if they are to be successful in all areas of learning and in their future life.

Our strategy for developing oracy is closely linked to our method for teaching writing. Our ‘Talk for Writing’ strategy gives pupils daily opportunities to extend their English vocabulary. This is reflected in the high achievement of pupils.

Enjoyment of learning

We extend our pupils horizons through the curriculum by a variety of enrichment activities and participation in sports, performance and the arts. Visits, visitors are regularly arranged to enthuse pupils’ love of learning.