We are currently developing training sessions for staff on the teaching of Maths using the ‘White Rose Hub’ maths materials.  We are focusing on the teaching of conceptual understanding rather than ‘process’ to ensure that our pupils are able to achieve mastery of maths.

Pupils are encouraged to use a range of resources (such as diennes, numicon and number lines) and teachers regularly use models and images to support understanding of mathematical concepts.

Science, History, Geography and DT

These subjects are taught through topics with a continued focus on developing basic skills in English and Maths. Topic work includes researching historical events and using them as a tool for writing. 

As well as this, visits and visitors are organised throughout the year to provide much needed experiences for our children. 


ICT is used across the curriculum to enhance and support learning.

PE and Sports

Children in Early Years are provided with a range of physical activities in their ongoing provision that will support and challenge their physical development.  Children in KS1 and KS2 develop their physical education both indoors and out in Gymnastics, Sports and Dance.  

The children also have an opportunity to participate in after school clubs such as cricket and football. Children also take part in tournaments competing against other schools with great success.


As a multi-faith school which includes children and adults from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, we value and celebrate the differences and diversity of our setting.  

Alongside educating children about different religions and cultures, we teach children the importance of British values.