Physical Development

Physical development is one of the three prime areas within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

This area of learning encourages children to be interactive and active in their learning and develop control, coordination and movement. They are supported in understanding the importance of physical activity and how to make informed healthy choices at meal times.

The key areas are: Fine motor skills and Gross motor skills.

Gross Motor Skills

ELG Children at the expected level of development will:

– Negotiate space and obstacles safely, with consideration for themselves and others;

– Demonstrate strength, balance and coordination when playing;

– Move energetically, such as running, jumping, dancing, hopping, skipping and climbing.

Fine Motor Skills

 ELG Children at the expected level of development will:

– Hold a pencil effectively in preparation for fluent writing – using the tripod grip in almost all cases;

– Use a range of small tools, including scissors, paint brushes and cutlery;

– Begin to show accuracy and care when drawing.