At our most recent Ofsted inspection (June 2014) Park View Primary was judged to be a Good school with Outstanding leadership. 

Here are some of the highlights from the report:

The care and guidance given to pupils is outstanding and pupils say they feel very safe.

Pupils are enthusiastic and enjoy their learning

The Principal and Vice Principal are inspirational leaders who have a very clear view of how good the school can be. They provide outstanding leadership and have very effective systems in place to secure the future direction of the school. Excellent communication, together with effective whole- school training has enabled leadership to develop a united team who share responsibility for speeding up pupils’ progress.

Pupils get on well together and support each other when working as partners and in groups.

Pupils listen attentively to others and show respect for the ideas their classmates make.

Pupils have good attitudes to learning. They are enthusiastic, persevere with their work and concentrate for good periods of time.

You can read our latest Ofsted Inspection report on the Statutory Information page here.