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  • Winning Book Corner!

    26th March 2015

    The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals included us in their Storify Newsletter: "The week in our Libraries: Yorkshire and Humberside" .Well done Nursery!

  • Thought for the week....

    23rd March 2015

    In line with our SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) topic, this week we are celebrating our differences.

  • Making a Stand

    11th March 2015

    Miss Ahmed and some of our parents who attend the Mosaic group went to the #MakingAStand event yesterday.

    Local Authority staff have been working with the Home Office and Inspire and put this event on for local women to ‘make a stand’ against extremism.
    This is a national campaign endorsed by the Home Office. The event was on Calendar New last night - look out for Miss Ahmed in this clip!

  • Book Day

    5th March 2015

    Today, the staff and children have come dressed as their favourite Fairy Tale character! Find out more in our latest blog post.  

  • International Links

    3rd March 2015

    Today, we had a visit from a teacher who works at Mzuvele high school in Durban, South Africa. 

    Siyanda gave both South Leeds studemts and some of our children a glimpse into the types of things he teaches his own students over in South Africa. He lead an Art lesson to a group of year 7 students who designed their own African masks and a lesson in choir singing to a group of year 4 and year 8 students who had lots and lots of fun.

    All the students from both academies thoroughly enjoyed their experience share

  • Book Week

    2nd March 2015

    We are all really looking forward to a busy week! This afternoon, we have 3 judges coming to choose a winner in our book corner competition. (Photos coming soon!)

    And don’t forget to come dressed as your favourite fairy tale character on Thursday.

  • Thought for the week ...

    23rd February 2015

    This week, we are thinking about keeping our school environment tidy. This includes litter on the playground and our classroom resources.

  • Thought for the Week ...

    9th February 2015

    It's Safer Internet day on Tuesday 10th February so this week we're thinking about creating a better internet together.

  • Exciting Job Opportunities

    27th January 2015

    We are currently looking for talented and enthusiastic teachers to join our team. Take a look at our recruitment page to find out more ...


  • Thought for the week ....

    26th January 2015

    What makes an effective learner?

    This week we are reminding ourselves of good learning behaviour and the the 7Rs of learning.

  • Year 6 Anti-Bullying Video

    23rd January 2015

    Yesterday, our Year 6 children and the School Council presented an amazing assembly about anti-bullying. To see their thought provoking video, go to our Academy Blog page.

  • Thought for the Week .....

    19th January 2015

    This week is safety week and thinking "Is it safe?" before we do something (unlike Olaf!!)

  • Thought for the week ...

    12th January 2015

    How many ways can you be positive to others?


    In our assembly, we looked at Random Acts of Kindness and how we can help to make others happy. Just like in this Kindness Boomerang' video!

  • Happy New Year!

    5th January 2015

    Welcome back to a new term! This week, we will be thinking about our goals for 2015.

  • Season's Greetings

    19th December 2014

    Wishing all our children and families and happy Christmas break!



    Christmas 2014

  • Thought for the Week ....

    15th December 2014

    Let's all join together and wish each other a Happy Christmas!

  • Thought for the week ...

    24th November 2014

    We now have our brand new school council in place so this week, we are thinking about our school rules and how we can make our school a better place.

    Congratulations to our new school councillors and we look forward to hearing their ideas!

  • Thought for the week ...

    17th November 2014

    Let's celebrate National Inter Faith Week. We looking forward to finding out what the children have been learning in Friday's good work assembly.

  • Fantastic Job Oportunities

    6th November 2014

    We are currently looking for talented and enthusiastic professionals to join our team. Take a look at our recruitment page to find out more


  • Thought for the week ....

    3rd November 2014

    As Bonfire night approaches, let's think about keeping safe and following the firework code.