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  • Thought for the Week...

    5th December 2016

    Sharing and being kind makes us all happy!!!

  • Thought for the week...

    13th November 2016

    This week is anti-bullying week....we are remembering that it's 'Cool to be kind!'

  • Thought for the week...

    19th September 2016

    Using good manners is really important. As always, we will be looking out for people using good manners!

  • Welcome Back!

    6th September 2016

    Welcome back after the summer holidays, we hope the children are refreshed and ready to learn!


    5th September 2016

    School is closed for a training day and will re-open on Tuesday 6th September.


    27th July 2016

    School is now closed for the Summer Holidays. See you all back on Tuesday 6th September.

  • Thought for the week …

    25th July 2016

    Sometimes change is a good thing! Let’s all get ready for our new classes in September .

  • Thought for the week …

    18th July 2016

    This week’s R for Learning is REFLECTIVE . What have you achieved this year?  

  • Thought for the week …

    11th July 2016

    This week’s R for Learning is REASONING. Can you explain your thinking?

  • Thought for the week ...

    4th July 2016


    Eid Mubarak to all who are celebrating this week!  

  • Thought for the week ...

    27th June 2016

    This week's R for Learning is Resourceful. Being resourceful means knowing what to do and where to go when you get stuck.

  • Thought for the week ...

    13th June 2016

    During this part of the term, our PHSCE focus is the 7Rs of learning. This week, we are thinking about being resilient in our learning and not giving up just like the athlete Derek Redmond. Click HERE to see the video we watched in assembly this morning. (Be warned, it's very moving so have a tissue ready!)

  • Thought for the week....

    6th June 2016

    Let's all join together to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday! Don't forget to come dressed in Red, White and Blue on Friday!

  • Thought for the week...

    23rd May 2016

    Let's all remember our lovely manners!

  • Thought for the week ...

    3rd May 2016

    Aim high ... we can all achieve if we put our minds to it!

  • Thought for the week ....

    25th April 2016

    What are you reading this week?

  • Thought for the week ....

    11th April 2016

    Let's all be positive as we start the summer term!

  • Thought for the week ...

    21st March 2016

    Spring has sprung and we are starting to prepare for Easter.

  • Thought for the week ....

    14th March 2016

    It's National Science Week! We'll be asking lots of questions and making Scientific discoveries!

  • Recruitment News

    11th March 2016

    Applications are invited for a Teacher with SENCo Responsibiltiy to start September 2016.  Please see our Recruitment page for further details.