Good Food

14th March 2013

Mrs Overfield from LCC Catering Agency has been working with our academy to create more interesting dishes for our school dinner menu. 

At the beginning of March, members from our School Council had a very successful and enjoyable time tasting some of the dishes that will feature in the Summer menu.  They were given a sheet to 'score' the foods by putting a sticker next to the description - love it, like it, not sure, dislike it, hate it! Some of the dishes they tried were; lamb masala, vegetarian sausage roll, apple sponge cake and scones. How to Do It

These sessions will be held every term to help keep the menu fresh and hopefully entice some more children to choose a school meal.

For a copy of the weekly menus online select here or see our School Meals Page in 'Downloads'.  A copy of the Menus are also posted on the class and school entrance notice boards.