Visit from Hilary Benn MP

27th November 2015

On Friday 27th November a politician named Hilary Benn came to our school to talk to some people and the school council. He had also spoken to a group of parents. The school council had asked some questions  about being in politics Here are some of the questions the school council asked 

"What are the difficulties about being a politician?"
                      He (Hilary Benn) said
"The difficulties about being a politician is when you can't help someone or solve their problems".
"Have you always wanted to be a politician or did you have any other jobs in mind"
                      He (Hilary Benn) said 
"When I was ten I wanted to be a fire man and after that I wanted to be a footballer but then I realised being a politician is much more fun".
Hilary Benn also works with the government and is helping to make Beeston a safer place.He has a very important job.
                     Written by Zakiyah Year 6