Guest Blog: What I saw at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

2nd May 2014


Me and my class and class 3 had a splendid time at Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster. We saw lots of animals such as Wallabies,Flamingos,Zebras,Giraffes and even Baboons! And there is many more.




So the first thing we did is getting into our groups and straight away we went to see the Meerkats. And there was this lady who was feeding the Meerkats and telling us about them they were so cute that I wanted to take one! After the Meerkats we went to Lemur Woods what I love about them is that they can do a lot of tricks.




And while we were walking we spotted the Baboons and we also saw some cute baby baboons.   


By Leyah

Class 4       







To be continued ................................