Maths at Park View

23rd October 2013

Yesterday, I attended a meeting with the schools in the Arooj Partnership. I was delighted to share with them the excellent practice we have in Maths here at Park View.

This prompted me to do one of my favourite things:  take a walk around the school today and talk to the children about their learning.


Here are a few of the children's comments about their learning in Maths.


Miss Collier's Maths group were applying their knowledge of the column method for addition to solve a calculation challenge. The challenge was to select 5 items from a catalogue to spend as close to their budget of £100 as possible.

In Mr DeVeuve's group, the children were learning the formal method for division aka 'The Bus Stop' Method!

As Class 2 get used to moving up and down the rows on a 100 square to add and subtract. One curious learner, has realised that you can check if the calculation is correct by using the inverse.

Class 2 have been using100 squares to subtract 2 digit numbers. Hamza has explained the method very clearly!


What fantastic learning! I am sorry I didn't get to record children in all the classes - I'll come and visit you all soon!


Luqman, Hassan, Shameel, Humair and KiranOctober 24, 2013 at 2:58 pm

Some time maths is tricky but our teachers help us by teaching us different methods.

However, If you get stuck you could use number lines, Numicon, 100 squares or Mult-link.
Resiliently, we have learnt a lot of new strategies such as: chunking, grid method, partitioning and the column method to help solve problems.

Working together, we made you a video we hope you can see how we use them and how our teacher helps us to learn.