Harry Potter Day

5th February 2016

Put Thursday 4th February in your diary for next year because it is Harry Potter Night and in our school it is HARRY POTTER DAY!!!

We get ridiculously giddy about it.

This year every member of staff chose a character to become for the day, golden snitches were cunningly crafted, wands were ordered and wigs tried on. Each pupil had their house selected by the sorting hat and they stayed in their groups for the day, which they loved (can’t beat the feeling of camaraderie).

However, the most fantastic things of all were the owls!!!!!! Real owls!!! Hagrid (a specially selected bearded TA) ran ‘Care of Magical Creatures’ sessions with a falconry centre….AMAZING!!! I never realised owls were so noisy!!

There were potions lessons, Quidditch sessions (with enormous golden hoops!), wand making and herbology. Even the school assembly was magical with Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall demonstrating their wand skills by levitating cups!

It was a day that children and staff alike will never forget!

Two of our Year 6 pupils have written a newspaper article about the day, which has been published in South Leeds Life. Click HERE to read the article.

If you want to know more about running a special Harry Potter day then take a look at Bloomsbury’s website.