Guest Blog - Helping refugees

19th January 2017

Today, my classmates and I went to help some refugees at Holy Spirit Church in Beeston hill. Did you know refugees are very poor? In fact, they are at 1% the poorest people in the world.


We have helped lots and lots of refugees helping them carry lots of heavy boxes and bags into a giant lorry. It was really fun and everybody enjoyed it. When we got there it looked like this…
















When we left it looked like this ...














I felt very proud when I was carrying the boxes, knowing that I  was helping others.

From this experience I would love to help them again anytime. I would also encourage other people to come and help as well.

By Arva and Zayd



Miss Pickard January 30, 2017 at 1:21 pm

Well done! I a so proud of you for giving up your time to help others. Thank you for representing our school so well and thank you from Samara's Aid Appeal too!