Celebrating Differences

27th March 2015

In line with our SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) topic: Good to Be Me, this week we have been celebrating our differences.

 We started the week by reading one of my favourite stories 'Gordon's Got a Snookie'. In the story, Gordon the Gorilla is made fun of because he was different, but this all changes when he saves the day!

 Here are the children’s ideas about our Thought for the Week:


I think it is great because, it encourages others to be themselves.

I think this thought of the week is brilliant because it sends out a message telling people not to be ashamed of themselves of what other people think.

It tells others that they should be proud to be different and unique in their own ways.

Don’t be ashamed of yourself by what everyone thinks because you are special no matter what.

If a person doesn’t like you for being different they need to realise that everyone is different including them!

If a person does not like you for who you are then they are not worth it.

No one wants to be ordinary so be different and more people will like you for it.

No one is perfect so remember to always be yourself.