School Meals

For information on Free School Meals, please see our Useful Links page

Since 20th April 2015, our school meals have been provided by Chartwells, part of the Compass Group, a leading provider of contract catering and support services in the UK and Ireland.  Their Core Concepts food programme incorporates a Meet the Grower programme, which enables them to trace all products from farm to fork. Wherever possible, they support local farmers and source fresh produce locally and seasonally.

Children continue to choose their meal for the day when they arrive at school in the morning. There are 3 main course options, colour coded; red, green or blue.  Green is always vegetarian. Depending on the meal that has been chosen, children will be given a coloured band to wear, which relates to the meal that they have opted for, as the sample menu shows. 

If children arrive late into school they will automatically be given the vegetarian option and sadly will not get a choice of main course.

School meal prices from September 2016 remain at     £2.00 per day (£10.00/wk)

 The correct money should be placed in an envelope with:

  •  your child’s name
  •  date
  •  amount

Please bring it into school every Monday morning and place in the secure letter boxes outside your child’s classroom.

If you require dinner money change, this can be collected in person from the office on Friday afternoons, from 3.15 pm. 

Lunchtime arrangements can be changed by completing a form, available from the office.  We ask for 2 weeks notice, which allows for changes to the lunchtime registers and for our kitchen staff to adjust their food orders accordingly.

A polite reminder about appointments during lunchtimes

If your child does have to attend an unavoidable appointment during the day and please let the class teacher know as well as informing the office.

If this appoint is during the lunchtime period, please collect your child at either 12pm or 1pm to avoid disruption during this busy period and to ensure they are registered correctly during the lunchtime period.

For information on Free School Meals inLeeds, please use the Leeds City Council link below :


Please download the three week rolling menu below for details of the lunchtime choices (please note that the Spring 2016 menu will be continued into Autumn 1 2016):