Principal's Statement


Park View Primary Academy serves the community surrounding Cross Flatts Park in Beeston. We are very proud of our small and caring school where children enjoy learning and make excellent progress.

Park View became an academy in September 2012 when we joined the Delta Academies Trust (Delta). We work in partnership with other academies in the Delta, along with the Arooj network and across Leeds. We enjoy and benefit from working in collaboration with other colleagues. This is an opportunity for us to share good practice and learn from one another.

 We have a very talented and dedicated team of staff who ensure that the children are well cared for and focused upon their learning.

Our relationships with families and parents are very important to us. Parents and carers are regularly welcomed into our academy to work alongside their children or to share in their achievements.

Visitors are always impressed by the warm and calm atmosphere within the academy and the children’s excellent behaviour. Through our 3 school rules of being Proud, Productive and Positive we continue to develop children’s hopes and aspirations. The children are always keen to show us that they are proud of our academy and their achievements, productive learners and positive to each other.

We are all passionate about Park View Primary.  It is a privilege to be the Principal and be part of the whole school community.

We look forward to welcoming you

Best wishes

Eleanore Pickard